Leadership Development Coaching

Are you new to your position or wanting to step up as leader?

Nova Mentis’ Leadership Development Coaching in the Hills District can be considered as a process for equipping leaders with the skills they needed to be effective in their commitment to their company and their work. It is a strengths-based approach to personal development thereby enabling performance improvement in the work context. The focus is on goals and the solutions to be able to deliver.

The coach takes the position that the leader is the expert and the coach does not bring their own experience into the conversation. Having relevant experience may help them to ask thought provoking questions to explore all options. Generally, a coach will be listening for 80% of the time to understand the client’s opportunities, strengths and blind spots.Leadership Development Coaching

Leadership development coaching may include:

  • Identify core strengths and how to leverage them
  • Exploring ways to accelerate results
  • Focus on something urgent or compelling
  • Explore options where a decision needs to be made
  • Realigning their work life balance

By encouraging the Leader to explore all options and reflect of strengths and experience they may not have used for some time the leader will continue on their journey of self-discovery and development.

Some reasons to consider Leadership Development Coaching

  • An individual or team might choose to work with a coach for many reasons, including but not limited to the following:
  • Something urgent, compelling or exciting is at stake (a challenge, stretch goal or opportunity)
  • A gap exists in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources
  • A desire to accelerate results
  • A lack of clarity with choices to be made
  • Success has started to become problematic
  • Work and life are out of balance, creating unwanted consequences
  • Core strengths need to be identified, along with how best to leverage them
  • What is Professional Coaching

The Coach:

  • Provides objective assessment and observations that foster the individual’s or team’s self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Listens closely to fully understand the individual’s or team’s circumstances
  • Acts as a sounding board in exploring possibilities and implementing thoughtful planning and decision making
  • Champions opportunities and potential, encouraging stretch and challenge commensurate with personal strengths and aspirations
  • Fosters shifts in thinking that reveal fresh perspectives
  • Challenges blind spots to illuminate new possibilities and support the creation of alternative scenarios
  • Maintains professional boundaries in the coaching relationship, including confidentiality, and adheres to the coaching profession’s code of ethics

The Individual:

  • Creates the coaching agenda based on personally meaningful coaching goals
  • Uses assessment and observations to enhance self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Envisions personal and/or organisational success
  • Assumes full responsibility for personal decisions and actions
  • Utilises the coaching process to promote possibility thinking and fresh perspectives
  • Takes courageous action in alignment with personal goals and aspirations
  • Engages big-picture thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Takes the tools, concepts, models and principles provided by the coach and engages in effective forward actions

How is Coaching Delivered

Leadership development coaching typically begins with a initial complementary ‘meet and greet’ (either face-to-face or by teleconference call) to assess the individual’s or business’ current opportunities and challenges, identify priorities for action and establish specific desired outcomes.

Subsequent leadership development coaching sessions are conducted in person, by video link or by telephone, normally for one hour and set between two and four weeks apart, the timing being flexible to suit your schedule. Between scheduled coaching sessions, the individual may be asked to complete specific actions that support the achievement of one’s personally prioritised goals. The duration of the coaching relationship varies depending on needs and preferences.

Nova Mentis services the Hills District, and offers leadership development coaching to individuals and businesses in areas such as Bella Vista, Norwest, Castle Hill, Rouse Hill, Baulkham Hills, Kellyville and Dural. As well as this, Nova Mentis is also able to provide leadership development coaching to businesses and individuals Sydney-wide. We also understand that recent changes to the ways in which businesses are operating can make it difficult to engage in coaching face-to-face. That’s why Nova Mentis is able to conduct leadership development coaching through video conferencing services, including Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams.

The Outcomes of Leadership Development Coaching May Include

  • Acceleration of personal and professional growth based on self-initiated change
  • Improved personal skills: leadership, communication, motivating, delegating, time management
  • Achieving goals in ways that were not obvious initially
  • Becoming aware of experience and leveraging it to help achieve goals
  • Building better relationships by improving self-awareness and awareness of others