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Coaching leaders through transitions and change

How can you take advantage of change and transitions in your workplace?

Workplace coaching can turn change into an opportunity for improving personal and team operations.


About Wendy Minne

May I help you find your strengths and take the opportunity created by change and transition?

My area of specialisation is supporting leaders involved in organisational change and transition. Through coaching, I help leaders identify strengths and explore opportunities to take advantage of their change. This then enables the leaders to access their potential and that of their teams to accelerate performance.

I transitioned to coaching after a career in large corporations where I had the benefit of professional coaching. Coaching was instrumental in my development as a leader, empowering me to execute significant change management projects. This influenced my decision to become a certified coach.

I have first-hand experience of organisational restructure and change management at an executive level locally and internationally. This allows me to leverage my experience to support leaders in exploring and expanding their horizons.

With a track record of outstanding contribution to business development and manufacturing operations in national and international markets, I have a well-developed understanding of a diverse range of commercial, industrial, and engineering operations.

My activities include coaching for young leader development, as well as senior manager initiatives. I am passionate about coaching for success at all levels.

‘Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.’

-International Coaching Federation (ICF)

How can coaching help you take advantage of workplace change and keep your team motivated during and transition?

Workplace coaching helps identify strengths and allows you to explore opportunities to take advantage of change. This gives you access to hidden the potential in your teams and allows you to and accelerate performance. The behavioural change of motivated and empowered teams extends and enhances the capacity of the entire organisation.

What is your situation today?
Where do you want to be?
How you will get there?

As a leader, you need to understand your desired destination in order to remain sharply focused during the change. You need to find a balance between giving the team time to understand and accept the change, without allowing them to become negative and undermine the change.

Coaching can help you keep this balance. This allows you to evaluate your resources continuously and empowers your team to drive change effectively.

Coaching Help You

Nova Mentis provides an Organisational and Leadership Coaching service

Coaching can be face to face (we will come to you) or by phone/Zoom.

Coaching sessions are normally for one hour and set between two and four weeks apart, the timing is flexible to suit your schedule.

As part of the service we include an initial complementary “meet and greet” to discuss your initial objectives and how coaching can benefit you.


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